Category 1

Things I care about & have control over.

The most important and simplest category.

Contains items of the present or future, not the past.

These items deserve your time, at the expense of the other categories, which themselves exist primarily to empower this category.

Less items belong here than you believe, because you care about many items which you should not.

Perfectionism is prohibited in all categories, including this one, barely.

Mastering the understanding, use, and importance of this category does nothing to enhance your ability to accomplish the items. This philosophy is more about categorizing and less about accomplishment. Therefore other philosophies & habits of life should be explored in order to be as effective as possible when addressing category 1 items. Knowing the right thing to do and actually doing it are completely separate.

I used to feel I didn't have enough time/energy each week. After working on my priorities and enforcing the amount of time/energy I gave to many items, I became able to provide all the time/energy my category 1 requires. Over time I both removed items from this category, and made more time/energy available to this category.

My family is category 1. So is my health and happiness.